What Causes Acne

We always want to know what causes acne. Understanding something’s cause can help us understand the world in more general terms. Understandably, we ask about it, we research it, we ask others to really research it for us. Unfortunately, acne is just one of those things that nobody quite understands. Researchers have been working to determine an official cause of acne, but they haven’t come up with anything very significant.

What we do have, though, it a list of things that contribute to acne breakouts. Researchers have found acne treatments meant to address what contributes to acne, not necessarily what causes acne. Here are a few of those major acne drivers.

1. Toxins-this is a rather recent one actually. It has only been since the real introduction of the colon cleanse that many have discovered that when they cleanse their body of toxins, they get rid of acne that seemed to respond to nothing else. Essentially speaking, toxins are like bacteria inside the body.
2. Oils-we have always known that excess oils contribute to acne. Sometimes we take it too far blaming all oils even though our skin technically needs some oil to function as do the rest of our bodies, which is why we have Accutane. But reducing oil is not a bad thing
3. Bacteria-bacteria really gets trapped in the pores, aggravates the skin, causes swelling, and otherwise causes flare ups of acne. So bacteria plays a huge role and likewise antibacterials play a huge role in helping you to get rid of your acne.


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