Treating Acne Rosacea

Acne rosacea can often resemble acne vulgaris.  It often comes with redness, bumps, inflammation, and otherwise.  The difference is that acne rosacea usually only hits in adulthood, and you don’t tend to grow out of it.  It doesn’t generally cause huge zits, and it can be quite painful, making your skin more sensitive to everything.  It is more often recognized in those with lighter skin tones, that is not to say that they actually suffer from it more frequently.  It is however more prevalent in women than men.  The sooner it is recognized however, the easier it is to treat it and prevent future outbreaks. 

There are various medications currently available for rosacea, all are antibiotics or you can use chemical peels to kill off the rosacea causing bacteria at this time.  However, all, including the most popular Metrogel, have been known to cause redness, dryness, skin sensitivity, and otherwise the basic symptoms of rosacea.  However, if you use the wrong cleanser, don’t use the right treatment, and don’t take care of your skin in general, all of these things can actually aggravate the condition in general.  Non irritating sunscreens that don’t clog pores are extremely important with this particular problem as is skincare in general including a light moisturizer.  But all in all, the best thing to do is to just address the existing problems and hope for the best.

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