Tazorac Review

A prescription acne treatment, Tazorac cream and gel 0.1% is often used to treat even the most stubborn acne. It is actually indicated for mild to moderate acne vulgaris though. They recommend a 12 week treatment plan, which is meant to show results in most. However, some experience peeling, burning, dry skin, redness, or itching. It is based around tarzarotene, a member of a certain class of retinoids, all based on vitamin A. in addition, it includes benzyl alcohol as a preservative, which would explain the common side effects among many users.

As with other forms of vitamin A, we would not suggest using it in the treatment of acne. While it can be effective, there are plenty of other options in this day and age, and most of them do not come with side effects that even come close to those suffered with vitamin A. In addition, some solutions we have show a noticeable difference within your first week instead of 2-3 months.

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