Seasonal Acne

Acne is always flaring up for one reason or another, but I have found that acne gets worse in certain seasons than it does in others. It can also get worse in certain climates. Personally, my acne gets worse in the summer. The heat is worse, I am sweating more, producing more sebum, etc. It can also get worse in dry climates, likely because the external climate sends my oil-producing glands into overdrive to compensate. My skin is naturally more prone to drying and other related problems, and this may be a big part of it.

That said, my friend since childhood has the exact opposite problem. She breaks out during the winter and whenever she visits a more humid climate. This is likely because we have different skin types, different pH balances, and different degrees of oiliness and otherwise.

All of this is to say that once you know your own skin, you can better control the breakouts. If you know you break out in the winter, you can take extra steps, like getting a facial or spot treatment, to prevent acne. You can usually find the best acne treatment for your needs on the over the counter market, but if you notice seasonal changes, speaking with a medical professional might do you some good. At the very least, they can explain what seasonal changes affect your skin the most and recommend some products and ingredients to help.

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