Retin-A Review

Otherwise known as tretinoin, Retin-A is a kind of vitamin A commonly used to treat acne as well as balckheads and whiteheads. It increases skin turnover, reducing plugged pores as well as dark spots on the skin in some cases. It can also prevent new blackheads and whiteheads from forming in the first place.

However, like other forms of vitamin A, retin-a can actually cause irritation and flaking, and in severe cases even interact with other medications. In addition, some users have reported waiting 6-9 weeks for significant signs of progress.

The big thing to remember with retin-a is to us a good moisturizer and a good SPF. This will protect your skin from drying out too much and from severe sunburns that can be associated with Retin-A in some users. However, if possible, we would suggest avoiding retinol or retin-a all together. There are more gentle solutions that when combined correctly can actually produced results within the first week instead of 6-9 weeks and not produce side effects.

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