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Up to 90% of your acne will disappear within your first 7 days! How is that possible? With Pronexin. We thought it was too good to be true, and for good reason. It has literally never been done before, let alone without any negative side effects like you would see with Accutane or benzyl peroxide. And if a product were to tell you that it would also revitalize and moisturize your skin while healing and preventing acne, we would normally tell you that it is impossible and to be skeptical, except in the case of Pronexin.

Pronexin uses only the best all natural acne treatment ingredients that will not dry out or damage your skin. Moreover, it removes many of the common causes of acne breakouts such as oil, dead skin cells, plugged follicles, etc, leaving you with a different sensation with only the first use. Nothing works for everybody. It is simply not possible, or at least not to our knowledge. But if there were ever a product that could, it would be Pronexin. But realizing the reality, Pronexin actually provides a lifetime money back guarantee which includes shipping and handling. This kind of confidence has never been shown or duplicated before.

For all this, most customers would expect to pay at least $100 for a tiny bottle that might last you 1-2 weeks. But Pronexin sells for just $29.99 for a huge 12.2 oz bottle that will last you 4 months with regular use. Most customers buy it more often though, because with that huge bottle, they use it on body acne as well! Customers are raving about Pronexin and spreading it to every friend and acquaintance they have, and it’s no wonder considering the glow being spread and achieved everywhere.

We simply love this product as well.

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