Hot Tubs & Acne

In some crowds, hot tubs have been connected to acne or rather, I should correct myself, they’ve been connected to getting rid of acne. This is logical to some degree. I mean when you think of hot tubs, you don’t automatically think of acne treatment. But at the same time, a lot of people connect hot tubs with clear skin, beautiful skin, radiant skin, youth, vitality, you get the basic idea. So there’s definitely a connection there.

This being said, basically speaking, sweat is good and bad. On one hand, when you really exercise right, you are going to sweat, and this means that you are working up your heartrate, which obviously doesn’t really apply when you’re sitting in hot tubs. But you get the basic point.

When you sweat, you are sweating out quite a few toxins, and in the process you are actually sweating out some water, yes. But while the water does get polluted, in some ways you are automatically washing out that sweat as it comes, which is a big part of actually using things that make you sweat to reduce or eliminate your acne. So yes, hot tubs are amazing in this way and other ways some may say. Hot tubs are something I would recommend for various reasons, acne is one of the smaller ones.

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