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Presenting itself as the alternative to everything including prescriptions, steroid creams, eczema creams, etc, Eczana claims to be the do all,cure-all cream for skin conditions of course. However, for the most part, they claim to target eczema. Ingredients include Canadian willowherb(white willow), Oregon grape extract, chamomile, tea tree oil(melaleuca oil), and oenothein-B. They claim to be the #1 reordered product and basically be everything that you want. However, they do not provide full ingredients information on their product, including ingredient concentrations. Moreover, the claims they make cannot be backed up in any way. From the ingredients we did find, it looks like nothing more than an average underpowered acne product with the right ingredients, but not the right concentrations. There is nothing that makes it better for skin conditions like eczema.

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