Dr. Brandt Skincare Review

Dr. Brandt Skincare is a product line that has several different targets. Some of the product are aimed at reducing wrinkles, others at fighting acnes, and some at reducing the pores. We’re going to focus on their acne reducing product lines. There are three main lines that are supposed to help with this. The first is a Pore no More line. This contains a cleanser, refiner, lotion, gel, and more to help unclog pores to give them a more minimized look. It is also supposed to control excess oil.

What is Dr. Brandt Skincare?

The next product line is called Blemishes no More. This product line also has several different products that are all supposed to work together to help fight acne causing bacteria and to sluff off dead skin cells in order to rid the skin of blemishes.

The last product line is an Inner Beauty line. This is meant to deal with several different skin issues, but has anti-oxidants that are supposed to help support health skin and control breakouts.

Final Thoughts

Each line has a different purpose, and the products are not bad products. However, they are all pretty generic. They contain the common acne ingredients, and do not seem to have anything special in them. If most generic products work for your skin then you will probably have success with this one too. However, if you’re looking for something stronger there are other products on the market that contain more than just your normal dose of salicylic acid. They may also be the same price as these over priced products.

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