Dermacia Review


Sometimes called the “breathable foundation,” Dermacia claims to combine cosmetics and skin care to produce innovative products that “treat and prevent acne, increase oxygenation, reduce redness, decrease swelling and irritation, and soothe even inflamed cystic acne.” Their big pull is their use of a lycogel formula that supposedly allows your skin to breathe rather than clogging pores like other foundations. The only ingredient named in Dermacia is salicylic acid, which essentially helps your skin to shed dead skin cells that might block pores.

Just about every brand of foundation is now claiming to fight acne, because they use salicylic acid. These foundations can range from $3 per bottle up, and we suspect that they use the same concentrations. Unfortunately, just because a product has salicylic acid does not make it a valid acne treatment or a “breathable foundation,” and it certainly does not make it worth $62 like you will pay for Dermacia.

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