Some parents are more liberal with their children than others.  Some let their kids go out at earlier ages with friends, let them wear makeup earlier, do this earlier, do that later – they take a more hands-off approach to parenting.  But one of the major things that parents are starting to let their kids do earlier and earlier is cosmetic surgery.

There are some reasons why this might be appropriate. In fact, it’s even logical, especially when it comes to acne. Parents should, in fact, take a more serious approach to procedures like microdermabrasion to help their kids deal with serious acne, especially if the condition doesn’t seem to respond to typical over-the-counter treatments. Similarly, if they have rosacea, considering a light chemical peel would be a logical step to take, even though rosacea usually doesn’t hit till adulthood.

But on the other hand, if they are just getting a chemical peel for other reasons, it doesn’t actually add up or really help them. They could get a botched job, or even develop a psychological complex quite early in life.

If you’re a parent, however, just remember: Letting your kid get a boob job is not the same as letting them get a more invasive acne treatment or procedure. In fact, more teenagers today are turning to intensive treatments as acne cases continue to rise. If you’re considering allowing your teenager to undergo a surgical or cosmetic procedure regarding acne, make an appointment with a dermatologist. They’ve seen a range of cases – from kids who really need it to kids who can do without – and can best explain what is right for your child.

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