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Avecix is among the first acne gels to use the clinically proven 5% tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has been used since the early 1900′s for various purposes. However, because it is more expensive and harder to find(you have to find it on one shore of Australia), it lost some of its early popularity as compared to the much cheaper benzoyl peroxide. However, Avecix claims to use this to give you the real acne fighting results you are looking for, and as one study suggests, without the side effects. But will you actually see results?

I tried Avecix for my acne. I was able to put it in my back pocket and essentially have it wherever I happened to go that day. I was able to fit it easily into my daily schedule partly for that reason, and I never had greater issue. My acne went away quickly, I even got rid of my blackheads within an extremely short period of time. So yes, it does work. Scientifically speaking, all of the ingredients work and complement each other, and personally speaking, I can honestly say that it works.

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