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Asso Bar is an acne treatment that does more than just treat acne. It also works to rejuvenate skin and fight anti-aging. The secret to Asso Bar’s success is 24k gold. Recent studies have shown gold to be more than just a metal element. Gold can improve acne breakouts, stave off free radicals, increase blood flow, work as an anti-inflammatory, increase cell growth, and reduce wrinkles.

This is possible through Asso Bar’s formula of palm oil, herb oil, coconut oil, glycogen, and vitamin C. The makers of Asso Bar took the ancient practice of using gold on the skin and brought to your bathroom sink. Cleopatra, Cleopatra, and Chinese Empresses Ci Xi and Xi Shi were said to have used gold in their daily beauty routines to revitalize skin. Gold has also been used for centuries to treat inflammation, namely arthritis. Asso Bar takes this knowledge and converts it to acne. With just one touch gold goes to work treating acne gently and effectively.

The ions in gold penetrate deep into skin and act as antioxidants, fighting oxidation and free radicals. Asso Bar also stimulates collagen and elastin production in skin. When skin ages elastin and collagen are diminished. Asso Bar works to reverse this effect and fill in wrinkles. Asso Bar also stimulates the flow of blood in skin for more effective cell growth. Because gold is a natural anti-inflammatory, its ions work to reduce swelling caused by acne and eliminate breakouts in as little as one week.

Asso Bar is simple to use and requires only morning and evening use for all day acne fighting and rejuvenation. This product is so effective that it cannot even be compared to other acne treatments.

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