Acne Free Severe Review

Sold as an essentially more concentrated form of the original Acne Free, which is a Proactiv alternative touted to be more powerful than Proactiv, Acne Free Severe is sold largely through Walmart stores. However, it uses basically the same ingredients, the main ingredient being a form of vitamin A, otherwise known as Retin A, retinol, etc. However, that is the only ingredient it names.

Acne Free is no better than Proactiv, because like Proactiv, it is essentially based on one ingredient: retinol. Though effective, retinol can dry out skin, cause redness, irritation, etc. And when people try to stop using retinol based products, they often suffer more severe breakouts than they started with. This is one of the many unappealing facts about retinol. And as such, it is still an extremely cheap product for a reason. We have found that the best products can still be found at affordable prices, and they use other ingredients such as salicylic acid or tea tree oil instead of retinol. We would not advise buying yet another version of the same product.

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