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I’ve seen the critics of Zyporex acne scrub, and there are a few common lines all the critics use:

• You can’t possibly get rid of acne in 72 hours, it takes at least 8 weeks!
• Prescriptions are the only acne fighters clinically proven to fight acne!
• Zyporex doesn’t give you all of the information!
• Zyporex will rip you off, nobody offers a money back guarantee like that

First, Zyporex does give you the full battery of applicable information. It lists all of the ingredients in the proper order, and there are no questions, unless you are wondering what those ingredients are, and then you can look it up or read this review.

Second, Zyporex does have clinically proven ingredients, and while prescriptions are proven, there are plenty of over the counter treatments that work. Take for example benzoyl peroxide, which is used in both prescriptions and over the counter products. Zyporex does not use benzoyl peroxide. But it does use tea tree oil, which has been clinically proven to be just as powerful! And it uses a whole battery of other ingredients that have been clinically proven to be good for the skin and to fight acne.

Third, prescriptions take at least 8 weeks to start working. That doesn’t mean that rule applies to every acne face wash. The best acne face wash works considerably faster in part because a good acne face wash like Zyporex combines more than one clinically proven acne fighting ingredient. Go figure. Why would anybody do that, it’s so expensive! Because the best acne face washes like Zyporex actually care about your interests, not just the company’s.

When an acne scrub has ingredients like this, it can do a lot of things that other companies can’t. It can offer outrageous things like a lifetime money back guarantee. And yes, Zyporex does take measures to protect itself. It keeps customer information to make sure that people aren’t buying and returning empty bottles to get the money back each month. But most people who buy a product like this are pleased enough not to try to cheat the company and not to make any returns.

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