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A hand held electronic device, Zeno is one of the most recent rage of acne treatments. It works by heating the skin to 120 degrees for 2 minutes to kill bacteria and improve the growth of proteins to reduce inflammation. So how do you keep yourself from being severely burned considering the temperature is 120 degrees. They say you use replaceable tips, though we’re not sure how this is supposed to protect the skin, being that they claim the skin itself is supposed to be heated to that temperature.

The basic device is $150-$200, and the replacements for the tips range. However, even the manufacturers admit this expensive solution does not work on everything, and some even say it only works on extremely small blemishes, not blackheads, whiteheads, scars, surface blemishes, basically all the things you’re trying to get rid of. In addition, as we suspected, many have complained about the heat and discomfort associated with Zeno, leaving a burning sensation and commonly red marks. All things considered, we would be uncomfortable recommending Zeno to anyone.

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