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Providing you with an AHA/BHA Complex, a botanical acne mask, cleansing capsules, and a cleansing gel, Zenmed claims to offer organic solutions for your acne problems, stimulating the healing process within your skin while cleansing dead skin cells from the surface. Ingredients include glycolic acid, salicylic acid, witch hazel, and chamomile among others. The capsules contain ingredients like dandelion, chaste tree, forsythia, gardenia, honeysuckle, red dahlia, and milk thistle.

Most of the ingredients in the pill have mild diuretic and possible cleansing properties. Salicylic acid and glycolic acid could theoretically cause increased healing and acne reduction in the skin. But the formula only uses 2% salicylic acid. We would be significantly more impressed if it used 5% or 10%. 2% is not nearly significant enough to produce results. The only ingredient that is impressive besides that is witch hazel, and again, they do not actually provide the quantities, making us wonder if they use such an insignificant amount as they do with the salicylic acid.

The Zenmed Cleansing system sells for $99.95 for a month’s supply. We can’t say what exactly they are charging you for, though we suspect it is largely the packaging. There are no particularly powerful ingredients or concentrations in this formula, and the likelihood is it will do nothing for your acne.

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