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Comparable to Proactiv in some ways, Triclear uses a 3 step treatment plan. The main difference between Triclear and Proactiv, the price tag. Triclear charges you a “discounted” price of $69.95 for one month’s supply. Are you kidding me? Why would you pay that much for a treatment that compared itself to Proactiv when Proactiv is cheaper, and other imitators are even cheaper than that!

Moreover, like many scams, Triclear does not actually provide any type of ingredients list, and they don’t even bother naming supposed main ingredients. What would motivate any buyer to purchase this product without any actual information. I mean do you buy your prescription medications from some dirty guy on the street who assures you they’re legit? Then why would you take that risk with your acne treatment?

Triclear allows you 14 days for your “free trial offer” and then they start shipping you that very expensive autoship program, which is extremely difficult to cancel. This is probably because if they didn’t do something like this, no one would actually continue to buy their product after the first time! If you need more evidence, multiple users have reported actually breaking out when using this particular formula. So if you really want to take the risk, go ahead. But there are so many obvious signs with Triclear.

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