Tretinoin Review


Formulated by leading pharmaceutical companies, Tretinoin functions under several different names, however the main ingredient always remains the same. It uses a form of vitamin A, and they use varying concentrations depending on the name and on the needs of the consumer. The problem is that even with all the irritation this product causes and its prescription status, Tretinoin takes 6-9 weeks to show results, that is if it works at all, and the side effects have been reported to be extremely severe.

You can generally find Tretinoin at a cheaper price. But depending on the concentration, you could pay anywhere from $40-$180 per 45 gram tube. You obviously have to use it for at least 2 months if not longer, not really knowing if it will work for you or not, and we would not recommend it with the side effects. We would not suggest Tretinoin in various ways.

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