The Pimple Clinic Review

The Pimple Clinic is introduced as the ultimate way to kill your pimples and produce healthy and beautiful skin. They claim that you can see all the benefits you need with this 3 step process which includes a cleanser, toner, and “clear.” Anyway, you can buy them all separately, or you can buy them together for a cheaper price than you would pay were you to buy them all separately.

This being said, their main pictures are of a kiwi, tomato, avocado, and someone popping a pimple, which by the way you should never actually do. This being said, they sell all 3 products for $39.95 as opposed to the $29.95 for each individual product. So this tells you right off the bat that they are charging way too much for their products in the first place.

But then there’s also the fact that they don’t disclose all their ingredients, and the ingredients they do disclose are not active acne fighting ingredients. This being said, while they are good for your skin, they’re not good enough to really be the sole ingredients in any acne product.

We suspect that they use quite a few irritants and otherwise ingredients that should never be in any skin product, let alone in an acne product. Basically speaking, you are paying $29.95 per bottle or $39.95 for all 3 bottles for a bunch of junk. You are not getting any of the results you actually want or need, and you are paying quite a bit more than any other comparable products such as grocery store products.

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