Tanda Clear Light Therapy Treatment Review

Based on blue light technology, Tanda Clear Light Therapy Treatment claims that these blue light rays will actually kill bacteria, effectively killing acne and preventing future breakouts, while simultaneously improving skin in general. In addition, they provide a cleanser and gel you have to buy every month in order to achieve “optimum results.” The original machine will cost you $400, and each month, the cleanser and gel will cost you an additional $80.

We have a lot of questions about Tanda Clear Light Therapy Treatment. For example, what will stop the light from damaging your eyes or some other element? Will it cause skin cancer? Why does the gel and scrub alone cost more than the average acne treatment? In short, there are a lot of questions and few, if any, answers. If you think price guarantees quality, you will be sorely disappointed in many fields. But considering you can get microdermabrasion for about the same overall price if you go for a few months, and that is guaranteed, and $40 treatments can products about the same results, why would you really pay $480 your first month and $80 per month every month thereafter? It’s not logical.

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