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The first product to actually promise to make a different treatment for your skin type, SkinID offers multiple gel cleansers, acne treatments, and different moisturizers. That can get confusing really fast. But SkinID offers a test that will tell you exactly which one you should use apparently. They advertise with celebrities, and tell you that skinID is the only one made “just for you.” And all of this comes for just $39.00 per month. It is impressive, asking about 20 different questions. But for all this complication, will you actually see results?

I took the test and apparently my skin id is cream cleanser 14, anti acne treatment 32, and 38 pads. I’ve used cream cleansers before, and it just clogs my pores, leading me to believe that their evaluation does nothing. One of the main ingredients in my formula was salicylic acid, another is benzoyl peroxide, and the final is another salicylic acid. Being that mine are made up of this, and the evaluation asked which ones I used before, assuming that they failed, not good news. I can’t say for sure. But we suspect that none of the formulas are all that different. Big surprise right. Being that the formula I got was nothing out of the ordinary and there’s nothing to suggest any of the other formulas are any different, we would not suggest this product by any means.

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I am currently using Skin ID. At first, my skin actually got WAYYY worse! Now, after a couple of weeks, it’s a little better, but I’m still breaking out. For the amount that I paid, I’m not impressed and will be finding something else.

Nickole January 21, 2011 at 3:03 pm

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I’ve tried every “popular” treatment…Murad, Proactive, SkinID…of the three, SkinID did the least. None of them worked completely or routinely. I was using Proacrive (which kept my acne at bay, but not gone) for about 4 months before SkinID. After 2 weeks on SkinID, my condition got worse with clumps of acne and whiteheads around my mouth. (With Proactive there was periodic redness and a pimple or two routinely.) I would not recommend this. Murad worked the same for me as Proactive.

Riley July 9, 2011 at 3:39 am

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