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An internal acne treatment, Sharkne comes of course with a shark on its bottle. They claim it will reduce oil, work on body acne and face acne, eliminate spots and pimples, reduce redness and swelling, reduce scarring, and all in all work from the inside out. Ingredients include orange, rosemary, green tea, dandelion root, red clover, yellow dock root, and neem among others.

And though these ingredients may clean out your systems, they will not necessarily target many of the common causes of acne or reduce pore sizes, as products with ingredients like witch hazel could. In short, it only targets one possible cause of acne. So it would need to be used in combination with a quality scrub, and then would only really make a difference half of the time. If you are looking for a good oral supplement or external scrub, serum, gel, etc. check out our top products for complete solutions!

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