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One of the most popular products to hit the market, Proactiv markets largely by individual customer testimonials as well as celebrity testimonials from individuals like Jessica Simpson. It was the first to use a now popular 3 step acne treatment including a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer, and they also offer masks, green tea moisturizers, etc as additional gifts. Because of its popularity, Proactiv has attracted many imitators and even some that claim to be one step more effective, using mechanisms such as a time release formula.

However, all of the products Proactiv offers tend to be based on benzyl peroxide, which can be extremely damaging to the skin. It often has a strong medication like smell, and dries out the skin excessively, causing redness, irritation, inflammation, etc. In addition, once you stop using it, probably due to the side effects among other things, your acne will come back with a vengeance. And despite what Proactiv would have you believe, benzyl peroxide only costs about $3-$5 in your local grocery store, meaning you are vastly overpaying for a cheap product. You are paying for the celebrity endorsements, not results. Many have found that the results also wane over time.

Proactiv has gained popularity, in part because they can afford to advertise on TV and pay for celebrity endorsements. However, their formula is no better than any others, and their product has basically been recreated with a cheaper price tag by every company and their dog. If you are looking for a more gentle treatment that won’t cause you embarrassment by causing peeling or irritation, you might try tea tree oil or one of our top products.

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