PowerClear Acne System Review

PowerClear Acne System is a popular system for acne treatment including multiple steps. They claim you can eliminate even difficult acne with the most powerful formula available without a prescription, and they use proven ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, that have been popularly known to kill off acne and clear skin to some degree.

The problem is that they don’t actually have any uncommon ingredients. Everybody uses benzoyl peroxide, and quite frankly everybody seems to suffer side effects from the use of benzoyl peroxide, which is not what consumers want or deserve to get. They rely on a “free trial offer” scam that turns into an expensive auto ship program to sell their products, because they know it’s nothing special and probably won’t even work.

We would not recommend using PowerClear Acne System. It does not show you the results you are looking for, and it realistically speaking has no benefits at all. Frankly speaking, PowerClear Acne System is actually more likely to cause greater breakouts than to decrease breakouts, leaving you with more acne and more of a problem than you started with. You are better off trying something else.

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