Perricone MD Skin Clear Kit Review

The full Perricone MD skin clear kit includes a skin cleanser, a skin clear acne toner, a skin clear acne treatment, and a skin clear hydrator. Some common ingredients include DMAE, green tea, benzyl peroxide, and ceramide. Though DMAE and green tea are powerful antioxidants, benzyl peroxide is never recommended, at least not by us, because it can be severely drying to the skin. In addition, though it does eliminate bacteria in the skin, it does not protect the skin from that bacteria coming back in the long term sense. In short, if you stop using a benzyl peroxide product for any reason, your acne will come back and then some.

In addition, products like this can have side effects such as redness, itching, increased sun sensitivity, burning, etc. Individually, each piece costs about $50. But if you buy the introductory kit with smaller bottles, you can get it for $50 once. Though Perricone is a recently popularized name, we would have expected more effectiveness with less harsh and extremely common ingredients.

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