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Topical treatments for acne only address the symptoms of inflammation and swelling without offering any sort of solution to prevent future blemishes. An acne pill, like Pantothen, offers an all-natural solution for acne by attacking acne at the source of the problem. Pantothen has a formula that blends top-notch ingredients that spread into your system to stop acne from appearing. Pantothen erases current acne and shields the skin from future breakouts by tackling acne-causing factors beneath the skin.

Acne is caused by a number of complex conditions and factors under the skin. Pantothen addresses the major acne-causing factor, excess oil. When the body produces natural oil, coenzyme A breaks down the oil to ensure a balance. When the body over produces oil, there is typically not enough of coenzyme A to break it all down, and the oil begins to clog pores and cause breakouts. Pantothen pumps the system with pantothenic acid to increase the amount of coenzyme A to eliminate excess oil and acne. Pantothen also gives the body l-cartinine. L-cartinine facilitates the breakdown of oil by circulating coenzyme A.

Pantothen also provides a vitamin B complex. A deficiency of certain vitamins, like riboflavin or vitamin B12 can cause acne. Pantothen gives the body these nutrients to help ensure acne is controlled.

Pantothen shows significant results in one to two weeks. Pantothen can be combined with topical treatments to accelerate the removal of acne until the acne pill sets in. After taking Pantothen for a month, acne should be completely erased. Pantothen has to be taken four times throughout the day to circulate within your system effectively and efficiently. A clear complexion with Pantothen has to be a commitment.

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