Leptodrene Review

Sold largely as a weight loss supplement, Leptodrene has also been touted as an acne solution due to its use of the top 10 superfoods and antioxidant blend. For many, its stimulant free formula is appealing and multiple effects also appeal to some. As a weight loss blend, it seems to attract much attention and praise, which is no wonder considering its common sense approach of using nutrient dense foods as the basis of its philosophy. However, unlike some other oral acne supplements, it does not actually have any acne fighting ingredients in the mix like witch hazel. In addition, it does not detoxify the body of toxins that may be contributing to one’s acne.

It is common for people to suffer acne because of certain vitamin deficiencies, and if you fit into this group, Leptodrene may help to improve your acne. However, its targeted formula is presented more as a weight loss formula than anything else, and it seems to do its job in that respect. But the research is still being conducted on all of the possible benefits of the top 10 superfoods.

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