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Using a 3 step program for acne fighting, HealthyPores is actually based on a popular acne fighting ingredient known as salicylic acid as well as tea tree oil. We are highly impressed by this formula with these two ingredients. This because salicylic acid causes the skin to shed extra cells, and it has been used in much more severe problems than acne. So it is sure to attack acne efficiently. In addition, tea tree oil has been compared to benzyl peroxide, but without all the side effects or any side effects for that matter. It has also been known to be extremely soothing to the skin. However, our problem lies in the fact that they do not actually provide a concentration of either ingredient. You do not buy a diet product with 1mg of any supposedly powerful ingredient. So why would you buy an acne product with 1% of the same kind of ingredient? In short, HealthyPores hides their concentrations, because they are likely to be extremely small.

A 2 month supply is available at $89.95, which is extremely high for any acne treatment, let alone one that won’t even share the requisite information. They provide a supposed money back guarantee. But they wouldn’t be the first to dishonor that kind of promise, using it only to get your initial purchase. If they were to share and use substantial concentrations of the above named ingredients, we would have no problem recommending HealthyPores. A lower price tag would also help significantly. But they do neither, and so we recommend looking elsewhere.

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