Eve Lom Cleanser Review

With a popular skincare brand, you expect quality products for healthier looking skin. Eve Lom is a global brand that designs products to help enhance your complexion. The Eve Lom Cleanser has been recognized by the magazine Vogue as the “best cleanser in the world.”

The Eve Lom Cleanser combines a number of ingredients to cleanse, tone, and exfoliate the skin in one step. Cleansing with Eve Lom should help improve skin circulation by exfoliating the skin. The Eve Lom Cleanser comes with a muslin cloth to help remove traces of the Cleanser when you are finished in order to balance skin.

Some of the ingredients in the formula include mineral oil to remove make up, PEG-30 lanolin, bis-diglyceryl polyacyladipate-2 to condition the skin, cocoa butter as a moisturizing agent, and the cleanser PEG-75 lanolin.

The problem with this cleanser, is that it has absolutely no acne-fighting ingredients. The Eve Lom Cleanser resembles a face wash to remove makeup and oil rather than treat existing agent or fortifying the skin.

Even so, PEG-30 lanolin is bad for the skin. This ingredient actually reduces the skin’s natural moisture which can leave the skin more vulnerable to bacteria and aging.

Alternative cleansers may not have the reputation of the Eve Lom Cleanser, but they stand a better chance of eliminating acne. The Eve Lom Cleanser will not heal acne or protect the skin from blemishes, this product is strictly a cleanser not an acne cleanser.

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