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People who suffer from severe acne will be hard pressed to find a natural acne treatment that has the strength to reduce the inflammation and avoid acne scarring. The prescription acne medication Clindamycin is a topical treatment that eliminates acne vulgaris. The medication stops and kills acne-causing bacteria while decreasing swelling. For those who need this treatment for body acne or “bacne” the best thing to consider is ClindaReach.

ClindaReach is a prescribed acne kit that harnesses the power of Clindamycin and provides an easy to apply delivery system. ClindaReach invented an application arm with a pivotal head attached to medicated pads to help you privately reach your entire back without having to ask for help, or rubbing it in.

The entire ClindaReach kit comes with an applicator arm, 120 medicated pledgets, 64 EasyCling applicators to secure the pledgets, and 64 un-medicated pads to cleanse the skin. Altogether, this system will target stubborn and tough to reach acne.

ClindaReach uses 1% Clindamycin. As with any prescription medication, Clindamycin is not exempt from side effects. Some of the side effects associated with Clindamycin include dry or peeling skin, burning, itching, redness, or new pimples. More severe side effects may even include diarrhea or headaches.

The ClindaReach regimen is actually an innovative and savvy way to help people apply topical treatments to embarrassing “bacne.” The treatment undoubtedly works, but it also comes with side effects. Some alternative natural remedies may be as effective as ClindaReach without the side effects, but they will not be strong enough to tackle severe cases of acne.

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