ClearX Review

Another spray to hit the recent acne treatment market, ClearX is manufactured by Biome. It does not use “chemical astringents, abrasive cleansers, and time consuming skin care regimens.” Instead it uses “potent herbs, fruit extracts, nutrients, and minerals that nourish, help clear up and protect your skin.” Ingredients include wild pink rose water, citrus peel, olive leaf extract, white willow, and a “70 mineral complex.” Like all other Biome products, ClearX comes only in extremely small bottles. But it retails for $40 per bottle, which will probably last you 10 days at most.

In truth, there are no potent acne fighting ingredients in ClearX. They don’t even bother naming all of the supposed parts. The only positive part about ClearX is the fact that they do understand many of the reasons why acne can occur. But that does not set them apart from anybody else!

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