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Change For The Better is a product claiming that you will see results within just 14 days, with 100% clearing after just 4 weeks. They provide you with a facial cleanser, an oil absorbing dry emulsion, a night oil free dry emulsion, an acne spot treatment, and travel sizes “free” for 30 days. Then you pay 2 payments of $19.95. That seems small, but it’s actually about $40 per month. We tried to find the ingredients. But all we actually found was that it supposedly does not contain benzyl peroxide, but it does contain green tea, which they described as “hydrating.”

With no ingredients list and marketers who are obviously uninformed about the ingredients they do reveal being that they called green tea “hydrating” instead of an antioxidant, a bacteria killer, etc, we are unimpressed by Change For The Better. We can’t place them above cheap benzyl peroxide based products, because they provide us no incentive to. We like to see at least a little bit of information, but they provide virtually none. In addition, they rope consumers into an expensive autoship program, because that is the only way they would make any sales. We would not advise this product, just as we would not advise any product that refuses to reveal ingredients and has to use a “free trial offer” to get buyers.

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