Bruunhause Acne Gel Review

Formulated by Bruunhause labs, the Bruunhause acne gel is one of the latest innovations in acne treatment. It is based on Hydronium technology, and the theory is that it kills bacteria at the source. Hydronium is basically a powerful antioxidant, and there are several customer testimonials found scattered across the internet.

However, at the lowest price of $107, we are doubtful that you could not find a similar acne treatment at a cheaper price. Being that hydronium is an antioxidant at base, there are many similar options such as DMAE, ALA, and green tea. However, hydronium is the only antioxidant that isn’t used in just about every treatment available. So it does separate itself from the crowd.

Overall, Bruunhause acne gel is an interesting solution. However, we are not sure we would feel comfortable recommending a product the general public cannot afford at $107 per bottle. If you can afford this solution, it may work when others haven’t. But we make no promises about its efficacy.

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