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Aczone claims to be the ultimate prescription treatment that will help you to fight your acne and overall achieve greater results. They claim that Aczone will finally help you to clear your skin and leave it beautiful and healthy without causing any problems or issues. They even claim it’s not benzoyl peroxide and won’t “assault” your face. And they claim to be the only prescription that allows you to try it for “free.”

The reality is that any prescription acne treatment has to go through clinical studies. Now as to the results of those studies, we are more and more skeptical every day. After all, this one got through. They show before and after pictures leading up to 12 weeks on 3 separate individuals. The problem is that when you look at the pictures, none of them seem to have achieved substantial results in that time.

There is also the fact that obviously their site has to adhere to some standards. They talk about it not being harmful, not bleaching clothes or skin, not being benzoyl peroxide. The only part of that statement that is at all honest is the fact that they don’t use benzoyl peroxide. Dapsone causes may of the same side effects and could still definitely bleach out skin and clothes. And when they say “the way it works is way complicated!” maybe they’re trying to appeal to what they think the average teenager is. But realistically speaking, it just makes them sound juvenile.

So realistically speaking, there is nothing honest or particularly effective about Aczone. It is not that complicated. Acne treatments in general are not that complicated. There are a few basic ways in which an acne treatment can work. It can kill bacteria, it can reduce oils, it can cause dead skin cells to shed away at a higher rate, etc. They don’t explain even this, because they are trying to hide the facts that they know won’t lead you to buy their product. All in all, prescription or not, Aczone is not worth your time.

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