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An oral acne pill, Actimine is joining the ranks of products that claim to be the solution for all your acne woes. They put it as “Actimine is an all natural herbal supplement that focuses on the removal of acne all over your body.” They claim that results can generally be seen after 6-12 weeks of treatment. And they even claim to treat the rare acne conglobata, which many have suggested only accutane can actually treat.

We did not find the actimine ingredients on any official website, just across the internet from independent sources. Apparently it uses vitamin A, vitamin e, selenium, zinc, methylsulfonyl methane, and gum guggul extract. If used in the right form, vitamin A can attack acne, but it can also cause redness and irritation among other things. In addition, Actimine uses only regular vitamin a and not the acne fighting variety known as retinol. The other ingredients have nothing to do with acne at all, gum guggul actually being touted as a lean muscle builder, not an acne treatment!

Actimine claims to offer a 180 day money back guarantee. But good luck collecting on that. They know as well as anybody reading their ingredients list that the product will not work for anyone. So while a guarantee on paper may be comforting to some, it is likely to be just for show. You can also buy the individual ingredients in your local health store for a significantly more affordable price than charged my Actimine.

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