Acnexus Review

“The world’s best acne treatment”, that’s what Acnexus calls itself. They say it will help to heal and prevent breakouts, rid the skin of blackheads, get rid of red and itchy skin, and work within just 24 hours. That’s a lot of big promises. But then they claim not to use benzyl peroxide or harsh soaps, which are generally the fastest acting solutions on the market.

What they do use is organic aloe vera, white willow bark, valerian root, green tea, walnut shell, Redmond clay, jojoba oil, MSM, and chamomile among others. And at $29.99 per bottle, Acnexus is more affordable than most of its competitors. We like some of the major ingredients. However, we feel that it lacks some important and efficient acne fighters such as tea tree oil, which is equal to benzyl peroxide, but without all the side effects. So though it will fight acne, we are not sure about the efficacy of the timed promises.

We have no huge issues with the Acnexus formula. But we do not believe that it will work within 24 hours. The key with this particular formula is patience. Don’t expect immediate results. But do expect results within the first month.

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