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AcneMD claims to be the best treatment out there meant to finally cure your acne when nothing else has worked. They use an acne pill and acne pads to try to treat both from the inside and outside, claiming outer bacteria has little to nothing to do with it. They also claim that it clears toxins from the body, therefore leading to a cleansed liver, colon, bowels, etc. Their main claim is that you will clear your acne in 7 days, but in the fine print, they adjust that to “AcneMD has rave reviews with people reporting that there was a significant decrease in their symptoms within 7 days and 90% of pimples and sores gone within the first 30 days.”

There is no ingredients list for AcneMD, nor any other sources of real information. They make a wide variety of claims about its safety among other things. But what they fail to mention are the “safe” ingredients. They also claim no side effects, but forget apparently about all the side effects common to detoxifiers. While it is affordable compared to many “free trial offer” scams, but that does not negate the fact that it is a scam.

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