Acnease Review

An all natural acne pill, AcnEase supposedly bases their product on the “traditional Chinese theory.” Their main ingredient is known as fructus gardeniae, and it uses a proprietary blend. This ingredient has been studied to increase the effects of insulin, but not actually to have anything to do with acne. Another “key ingredient” used is often known as heartleaf, and though anti microbial clinical studies have been conducted, it requires a considerably higher concentration than used by AcnEase. Other ingredients include balsam pear, mustard leaf, dandelion, and scierotium. In short, dandelion has been used to cleanse the body of toxins and essentially treat acne in that way. But none of the other ingredients have anything to do with acne at all. They supposedly have different formulas. But that for “mild acne” is $76 per month. So there are definitely more affordable alternatives.

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