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A 3 step acne treatment program comparable in some ways to Proactiv, Acjuva claims to quickly heal acne, prevent future breakouts, and all without harsh chemicals or side effects. The first step cleanses the skin, the second is a toner, and the third, a light moisturizer containing ingredients meant to target blackheads and heal blemishes. Some major ingredients include DMAE, white willow, Redmond clay, and tea tree oil.

Acjuva has set itself apart from many 3 step programs like Proactiv, because it uses tea tree oil instead of salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide. This means it creates essentially the same effect, but without all the side effects. In addition, it uses Redmond clay, which has been rarely used, but recently suggested to significantly heal the skin in multiple ways. It has quite a few anti inflammatories and antioxidants to reduce inflammation and redness in the skin and reduce the skin’s natural tendency to hold onto bacteria. But a 3 step program can get inconvenient for some all the same. Acjuva is not the ultimate acne solution, but it is one step above many of its competitors.

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