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One of the major prescriptions derived from Vitamin A, Accutane is used mostly for severe cases, and it works by shrinking the pores, not by actually attacking the bacteria or acne itself. It has been sold under the names of Isotane, Sotret, Amnesteem, Claravix, Decutan, and Roaccutane, and it is available strictly by prescription. However, despite what you might think, scientists have not actually isolated how Accutane works or why it is so effective. It was released for sale in 1982. But previous to its release, high doses of Vitamin A were often used to treat acne in other forms.

The main component of Accutane, otherwise known as Isotretinoin, was popularized, because it was often as effective as Vitamin A, but without all the side effects then associated with it. However, despite the fact that it is safer than high doses of vitamin A, Accutane still comes with some severe side effects of its own such as joint pain, back pain, dizziness, drowsiness, nervousness, dry skin, dry mouth, cracking or peeling skin, rash, and irregular fingernails. For this reason, Accutane is only prescribed for severe cases where all other treatments have previously failed.

Unless you have tried everything else and your doctor is willing to prescribe Accutane to you, we would not advise it. Even under those circumstances, we would be hesitant to recommend Accutane, because of its severe side effects.

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