Why Have Prescriptions Acne Treatments?

Have you ever noticed, in the prescription world we have basically lost our need for acne treatments. I mean this. Well, there’s obviously Accutane which takes an approach no over the counter drug can be found. But all the major acne treatments that you will find on the prescription market are virtually seen on the over the counter market. They tend to come with side effects, which is why they were initially controlled.

But why would I logically buy something for a higher price when I could get exactly the same thing for a lower price, or even something with a more powerful concentration of the same thing. There are ingredients like adapalene that are only found on the prescription market. They come with the same side effects. But ultimately speaking, even adapalene is just another form of vitamin A or retinol as we know it. So it’s exactly the same thing!

I mean I understand getting diet pills on the prescription market. They’re not worth it by any means. But they provide something unique you can’t find on the over the counter market. Acne treatments just don’t work the same way at this point in time.

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Love this article! full of valuable information.

It is definitely necessary to have prescriptions in curing our acne problems. Some acne treatment products might not be good in curing our acne problems. Some are too much for our sensitive skin and if we permit ourselves with the product it might lead to further acne damage. I always ask my dermatologist on what to apply and she recommended me ACNEZINE. So far Ive been applying it for 3 months now and the results were totally amazing.

Acneskincare January 12, 2011 at 11:17 pm

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