Seasonal Acne

Acne is always flaring up for one reason or another.  But at least I for one have found that acne in some ways gets worse in certain seasons than it does in others and worse in certain climates.  For example, for me, it gets worse in the summer.  The heat is worse, I am sweating more, producing more sebum, etc.  In addition, for some reason, it’s worse in dry climates.  My skin is naturally more prone to drying and other related problems, and this may be a big part of it. 

But my friend since childhood has the exact opposite problem.  She breaks out during the winter and whenever she visits a more humid climate.  There are different skin types obviously, different pH balances, different degrees of oiliness and otherwise.  This being said, once you know your season, your climate, etc, you can take extra steps in order to ensure that you can control your acne, even in those more difficult times.  This being said, you can of course find the best acne treatment for your needs on the over the counter market, and should you find the best acne treatment, you can easily address the problem at hand regardless of other factors.

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