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Now most of us have been through the stages of life when we learned to wash our faces in the morning and night just to keep them clean.  And we hope that followed through to our teen years when there is actually more of a purpose behind it.  This being said, quite frankly speaking many of us just used bar soap when we were younger, and that’s fine with young skin.  But as you get older, obviously when you have acne, chances are you should be using a little more specialized a cleanser. 

Your cleanser should actually have acne fighting ingredients for one thing, and hopefully it won’t dry out your skin or damage it in general.  Likewise, as you get older, whether you happen to suffer from adult acne or not, you want a cleanser that is specially made for your skin type.  By this, I mean that you want a gentle cleanser with balancing ingredients, not just some bar soap you can find at the store.  As we get older, it’s appealing to keep spending less money to get bar soap we can also use on our faces.  But in truth, you need a more specialized treatment whether for young acne prone skin or for aging skin that may still be somewhat prone to acne or may not for that matter.

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I totally agree with the information in this post. We should choose a cleanser that is not too rough to our skin. Better to be careful and wise..Beauty is Precious to me!

Acneskincare January 12, 2011 at 11:19 pm

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