Lemon As An Acne Treatment

I’ve tried this with a lime, and it doesn’t work quite the same way. But quite frankly, a lemon can have quite a few benefits. You really should squeeze your own, but you can also get real lemon juice from the grocery store. This being said, lemons are actually high not only in the acidity most commonly associate with it, but also in antioxidants and the nutrients your body commonly needs. This all equals out to you seeing significantly greater benefits should you actually bother to use it correctly. It can of course add that extra zing to your glass of water.

But if you actually use the juice on your face, it can also give that glow to your skin as well as reducing acne in the whole process. It has the antibacterial power and it’s useful in cleaners. But it doesn’t have the irritants of other cleaners in general. Instead, it has all natural ways of actually improving and strengthening your skin. This will help you to really get the good smell too instead of that chemical type smell with so many other acne fighters, and all around it’s a cheap and easy way to deal with it. I would at least definitely recommend it.

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How do you use the lemon juice? Do you put on for a few minutes and rinse off or leave on overnight?

Patricia April 3, 2011 at 6:48 pm

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