Is Accutane The Best Acne Treatment?

Accutane is one of the best known acne treatments. They claim that Accutane will help you to finally achieve far better benefits and results, and it will help you even if no other acne treatment has ever worked! They say that Accutane will finally help you to eliminate even the most stubborn cases of acne, and it has worked in many different ways. When it comes to Accutane, you will find that there are many claims. But what’s the truth?

Accutane has been used to treat some of the worst cases of acne, and it has been used to treat acne that has been resistant to all other treatments. When it comes to Accutane, you will find that it’s not necessarily the best acne treatment, it’s the only acne treatment currently available for certain varieties of acne. Acne like acne conglobata actually does not respond to any other known treatment at this particular point in time.

But I would not say that Accutane is the best acne treatment for anything. A lack of options does not mean that something is valuable. Accutane dries out the skin. But it also dries out every other part of the body including the joints and eyes. It can obviously cause irritated, dry, and cracking skin, lips, etc. But it can also cause joint pain, night blindness, and other potentially serious problems. With Accutane, you aren’t even guaranteed to get rid of acne. The side effects are severe, and could even extend to birth defects. Many say it is unarguable, the risks outweigh the benefits.

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