Covering Acne With Makeup

My sister was in the amateur makeup and hair business when we were kids. She not only practiced on her barbies, I was her apparent life size Barbie to practice on. So it basically turned into her forcing a 3 year old to sit around, which really doesn’t work out well to be quite honest. However, as we got older, her focus really turned more toward makeup, which turned out to be somewhat beneficial. She liked to use those little liquids to get the hard spots, and then she knew how to blend in the color of foundation to your particular skin tone, which unless you want to make it obvious, is extremely important to say the least.

But also, we found that applying the powder foundation with a brush rather than a pad was more beneficial because it spread it in such a way that wasn’t as heavy, but looked better. That being said, she had some really bad acne when she was in high school. But in all actuality nobody ever knew in part because the bumps were small enough and she did well covering them. She also used eye makeup in such a way as to distract from other areas that she may not want other people to pay that much attention to. So if you know what you are doing, it’s true that you can make it so that nobody every actually knows the difference.

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