Cosmetic Procedures In Teenagers

I’ve seen some parents that are more liberal in certain ways than others.  Some let their kids go out at earlier ages with friends, let them wear makeup earlier, do this earlier, do that later.  But one of the major things that now parents are starting to let their kids have earlier and earlier is cosmetic surgery.  Now there’s some I can understand.  It’s logical.  Some of the worst acne comes when you are a teenager.  So taking more serious approaches such as even microdermabrasion to deal with serious acne that doesn’t seem to be responding to other approaches would be a logical step to take.  If they have rosacea, considering a light chemical peel would be a logical step to take, even though rosacea usually doesn’t hit till adulthood. 

But on the other hand, if they are just getting a chemical peel for other reasons, it doesn’t actually add up or really help them.  They could get a botched job or a complex early.  Letting them get a boob job even at the age of 18 or for that matter a rhinoplasty is not one of those cosmetic procedures that would make sense in terms of what to let your kids get.  And yet the numbers for all of these things are constantly on the rise and constantly growing.  This being said, the proper usually acne related cosmetic procedures are something to consider.  But there are others that I just don’t really see.

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