Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide, it’s not the best acne treatment currently available, but it’s certainly the most common.  Anywhere you go, you can quite literally find some kind of acne treatment that happens to use benzoyl peroxide.  Whether it’s Proactiv, something you find in the grocery store, one of the Neutrogena SkinID items, or otherwise, you will find benzoyl peroxide in just about everything.  It’s cheap.  It’s actually a prescription item too, and yet it’s one of the cheapest ingredients that a manufacturer can find, even if you get the required 5-10% like you really should be doing.  But this being said, there are a number of consequences to using benzoyl peroxide. 

It makes skin dry, red, irritated, peeling, etc, and frankly it even bleaches clothes in some cases and with extremely small concentrations too.  So you can imagine what it does at higher concentrations.  It can have some serious problems to say the least.  This being said, products continue to use it, and consumers continue to buy those products and then complain about how every product dries out their skin and causes side effects.  So take the extra step and try finding something without benzoyl peroxide, it will make a serious difference in many cases.

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